Monday, February 6, 2012

How do you do: Antique button bracelet...

As one who has a few antique buttons, I always wondered what could I possibly do with a collection of inconsistent buttons... Mismatched sets sometimes just don't work and odd numbers are just that, odd.. Beautiful to look at with exquisite details these buttons are screaming for attention, and now I have the most wonderful idea of how to work them into something timeless and chic... 

The DIY that I gathered this idea from didn't include any steps, so here is my attempt at assisting this project along: 

1. Gather some of your favorite antique buttons- the number of buttons you use depends on how much of the bracelet you want to cover, but keep in mind that you will be tying on ribbon to use as a closure
2. Using a piece of cord- whether leather or hemp, string on the buttons in the order you want to display them
3. Cut and tie the cord at each end of the button adorned cord
4. Using a piece of ribbon; two pieces for each end, long enough to double, insert ribbon through the last button loop on each end

Tie your bracelet on and enjoy!!!

DIY & Photos via: sweet paul

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