Monday, December 12, 2011

How do you do: Chandelier...

Tis the season to get your home ready for the holidays...  but at this time elaborate upgrades may be out of reach... 

with this DIY rock candy chandelier, you can still add some bling to your home on a moment's notice... enjoy!!! 

Supplies: Rock Candy Strings, Bailing wire (16 gauge, 1.5 inches for each), Seam binding or ribbon (about 10″ for each,  1/2″or so wide), Wire cutters, Scissors, Hot glue gun and glue sticks

DIY:  1.  Begin by using your wire cutters to cut 1.5 inch lengths of wire.  You’ll need one per crystal.  (see figure 1)
2.  Bend your wire into a “Shepard’s hook” shape.  (see figure 1)
3. At the very end of one of the rock candy strings, put a generous glob of hot glue.  Stick the end of the hook into the glue, and hold until it has cooled.    If it wiggles a bit, add another dab to secure it.   (see figure 2)
4.  Cut a length of ribbon, about 10 inches long and tie a knot, then a bow around the wire at the top of the crystal.  Trim your ribbon tails.
5. Hang your completed crystals anywhere that needs a little sparkle; on bare branches in a vase, from a tree, in a floral arrangement,  from garland or an arch.  If you’re feeling extra crafty, construct an armature and hang the crystals from it like a chandelier.
A Tip:
If you have a lot of short candy strings, you can join them together using hot glue to make longer strands

Photo #1 via: Richard Israel, DIY and Photo # 2 & # 3 via: oncewed

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