Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday's Trench and Umbrella Obsession...

April showers bring May flowers and also the time of year where one is wearing their trench and using an umbrella more often... I love the look of a not so common trench and a attention demanding umbrella... the luscious purple color of the first trench is sure to give anyone joy on a cloudy day... the rhinestones on the blue umbrella add shine to an otherwise dull day... the second trench and umbrella add to a sophisticated safari feel, helping to fight those wild storms... the stylish third trench and highly detailed umbrella make me wish for rain more often... this umbrella's ornate rose design is breathtaking...

Trench #1: Anna Sui
Trench #2: Halston
Trench #3: Burberry
All umbrellas: Pasotti

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